The Users – An Excerpt From My New Book

I want to share an excerpt from my new project, The Users. That’s just a working title. I’ve got no idea what the finished title will be yet. I’ve thrown a few things around, but I think it fits for now. The main character is an ex heroin junkie and in his world “Users” is the name of powered individuals. There’s all kinds of users, guys with super strength, some with telekinesis, others with the ability to use fire. It’s a kind of anti-hero super hero book. Not like superman or anything, but more like Sin City or the movie Push.  Here’s the unedited prologue, a sneak peek at what’s coming. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment below on what you think of it so far. 

The book starts with a visit to his shrink and every new part of the book, about every 3 chapters, we get another visit with his doctor to check in on what’s happening in the plot so far. 


“It never ceases to amaze me, how life can be so fragile yet at the same time so tenacious. In a brutal attack one man can get stabbed fifty seven times with a butcher knife and miraculously survives; while the next accidentally falls asleep and drowns in four inches of bathwater. One man is mauled by a grizzly bear, walks twenty miles while holding in his bowels with his bare hands and survives; and then another is punched in a street fight, falls back hitting his head on a curb, and dies instantly.

Who knows why one body can take such punishment, and struggle to hang on, while another lets their life simply slip through their fingers like grains of sand. Why is Mick Jagger still rocking it at seventy something after decades of rock star partying, while Heath Ledger overdoses and dies after a single night of too much medication.

These are the types of things that keep me up at night. Wondering why, after all I’ve done to myself, am I still alive.

“Carter,” she said, bringing me back to reality.

She caught me spacing out again, my mind wandering, as it seems to often.

“Did you hear what I said?” she asked.

“Um…I…,” I stammered, struggling for the right thing to say.

She sighed.

Not wanting to make eye contact, I stared off at the mostly bare wall behind her. The only thing hanging from the wall was a framed diploma from the University of Texas A&M, reminding me of my lack of even a high school diploma, just to ensure I felt inferior to this dark haired woman. She sat cross legged, peering down at me from behind her glasses. She was slightly overweight and just unattractive enough to make me comfortable with having to spill my guts to her, week in and week out.

“How is the medication? Any side effects?”

“No, it’s been fine,” I lied.

In truth I’d been suffering from prolonged ejaculation, also defined as a struggle to climax during sex. If you call that a struggle. Some men would call that a blessing. Here they are premature ejaculating all over the place and I’m going strong like a bull, but I didn’t want to tell her that. The last thing I needed was her to take me off my meds just because I was struggling to cum once and awhile. Trust me I need them.

“You look like hell,” she said, and I couldn’t deny that fact.

The scratches and bruises covering my arms, and the black eye I could hardly see out of were the type of damning evidence that would hold up in court. Nervously, I tapped my foot repeatedly and rapidly on the wood tile covering her office floor.

“I had a rough week,” I said.

“Carter, you’ve got to get yourself together,” she said, “I thought we were making real progress here, but this seems like a major set back.”

“I got into a fight.”

“I can see that.” She leaned back in her tall backed leather chair. It looked expensive, and it better have been at the three hundred plus dollars an hour I was paying her, but with my particular problems it took a particular kind of shrink to deal with me, and that didn’t come cheap. “Tell me about it.”

“The fight?” I asked.

She folded her arms over her chest and for a split second she stared at me as if I had just asked the worlds dumbest question, but she quickly shifted in her seat, a true pro, to hide her disdain for me.

“Yes, tell me about the fight,” she confirmed.

“It’s a long story.”

“You’ve still got forty minutes on the clock. We’re not going anywhere, so start at the beginning.”

I smirked, lifting my cheek on the right side, the side with the black eye, and it stung as the puffed up purple skin squeezed tight.

“Okay,” I said, “It all started with a phone call.”


So there it is. That’s how the story starts. Please comment on what you thought of the beginning.



Squanto Undead Available For Free!


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Squanto Undead. An alternate history horror novel that unravels all you know about the early history of European settlement in the New World. After ten years over seas in Europe, Squanto returns home aboard the Merchants Hope, an English trading vessel. The ship’s crew is on a mission to establish trade with Squanto’s native tribe, while Squanto is on a mission to be reunited with his people, but an evil is brewing in the wilds of this untamed land.

Blocking his path are blood thirsty tribes of suspicious Native Americans, wild beasts, and the Undead. The European settlers and explorers have been stricken with a mysterious ailment that has them rising from the dead. Once risen they go on a ravenous search for human flesh.

Caught between two worlds, Squanto must find his family before its too late, save his white companions from a horrific fate, and fight off hordes of the Undead and warring tribes who hold him accountable for turning their once peaceful paradise into a living hell.

Read the book that’s being called the Walking Dead meets Last of the Mahicans

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Clockwork Wings the Chronicles of Icarus Cover Part 4

Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus Part 4

Hey guys! Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus Part 4 is now available on for only $0.99. You can get part 1 for free if you need to catch up and parts 2-3 are also available for only $0.99.

Here’s the synopsis for part 4- In ancient Greece, Icarus, Theseus, and their companions must fight to save Athens. After reaching Hephaestus and getting the wings fixed, Icarus learns that the bow of Apollo is the only way to stop Minos’ and his minotaur army. He must split up with Theseus, and travel to Olympus, the land of the gods. But time is short. The minotaur army is breathing down their necks. Will Icarus get the bow and arrive in time to save Athens? Or will he fail and have to watch his beloved Greece fall into the hands of his hated enemy, King Minos. Find out in part 4 of the on going saga of Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus. Only 1 more part until it all goes down. Don’t miss it!

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Steampunk Fiction

Steampunk…it’s a genre with endless opportunities.
The majority of the genre will feature Victorian era style clothing with a cog and clock twist, that rust colored hue and leather laden with bronze rivets, walking cars, airships, and the occasional one wheeled motorcycle. Steampunk is all these things, yet it can be much more, a twist on a twist. That’s what Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus is. It is all the things above with an added element as we careen back in time to an earlier age. We follow the rules, yet refuse to let them limit us.
The idea came from a previous genre and book series. My first book is an alternate history horror novel. Squanto Undead: Wake the Undead is Native American history based loosely on the life of the historical figure Squanto with the addition of zombies. And while it follows the rules of the genre with all the blood and guts, it reads like epic fantasy and is what I like to call horror with heart. I’ve got a hankering for period pieces. I love movies like Young Guns, Gladiator, Braveheart, and TV series like Rome and Spartacus. Being able to do research and learn about history at the same time is somewhat of a cheat, because I dig it. I’ve spent countless hours in front of the boob tube watching documentaries on Roman civilization, Greek Mythology, the battle of Thermopile, and everything in between. And while knowing all this history isn’t required, it brings a feel of realism to the writing. It’s the little details that make the story come alive.
Where was I? Oh yeah, steampunk. So anyway, that’s kind of my thing. I take characters, history, genres, random ideas, and things you thought would or maybe should never be combined and put them together to make something different from a lot of the books you’ll find on your digital shelf. That’s where Clockwork Wings came from. Its steampunk meets Greek mythology. It’s all your classic Greek characters from Zeus to Hades riding around in airships and walking wagons.
How could I possibly take such a primitive Bronze Age society and add steampunk technology you might ask? Simple answer, Daedalus, the greatest inventor mythology has ever known, and the man who created the impenetrable labyrinth to house the monstrous Minotaur. It wasn’t much of a stretch in a world where Gods and Demi Gods do the unbelievable and unthinkable on what seems like an almost daily basis. The Greek world was a world of magic and mysticism. The Gods weren’t mythology to the people of Greece, but a plain and simple fact of life. It makes suspending your disbelief in a world where the Gods walked among man an easy venture.
But Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus doesn’t revolve around the Gods. Our story follows a human boy and not a very exceptional one at that. Icarus, son of Daedalus (see how this is all connecting now) is the eyes of our story. We follow his journey in a coming of age retelling and untold sequel to the Greek myths of old. We pick up where some of the first stories ever written left off. We all know the story of Icarus’ wax wings and how he fell to his death. Well what if his wings were clockwork and instead of falling to his death the Gods stepped in and saved his life? That’s where I come in and take our heroes on a whirlwind adventure of steampunk mythology or as I like to call it Mythpunk. I think it’s kinda catchy. Maybe one day it will have its whole own genre, but for now I’m more than happy to be a part of what seems to be a tightknit community of veracious readers in the steampunk genre.
This may be my first steampunk series, but I doubt it will be my last. I can see so many opportunities with this fascinating and exciting genre. Steampunk meets the lord of the rings, meets buddy cop movie, and meets super heroes. Okay those probably already exist and most likely aren’t very good ideas anyway, but you get my point. You never know though, we could see a steampunk Rush Hour novel starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker one day…maybe not. My hope is that one day I’ll have a whole library of steampunk novels that follow all the rules we love about the genre, but aren’t afraid to take risks and stretch the limits of what the genre can do, create fantastical stories of a bygone era with characters strapped in sepia colored leather, boots doused in buckles, and bronze rimmed goggles to shield the wind rushing past their face.
In the meantime you can get Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus Part 1 for free on,,, and
Once you’ve finished reading part 1, and only if you love it, you can pick up Part 2 for only $0.99 at all the same retailers. And there’s no need to worry because part 3 is nearly complete and will be available within the month.
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Stacy and Jennifer Buck are a husband and wife writing duo born and raised in Seattle WA. Having known each other since they were sixteen years old makes their writing together a rich experience not only themselves, but also for their readers. Shortly after marrying they began writing Squanto Undead, an alternate history serial novel based on the mysterious historical figure. Stacy has been an archer and outdoorsmen all his life and brings that realism to the character. They live and work together with their five kids, two cats, and dog in a suburb just outside Seattle.

Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus Part 3

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Clockwork Wings the Chronicles of Icarus Cover Part 3

Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus Part 3 is now available! Get your copy on for only $0.99


PART 1 IS NOW FREE! GET YOURS TODAY! Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus Part 3 in a 5 part series of Steampunk Action-Adventure meets Greek Mythology. Icarus, the unlikely hero, and Theseus, the king of Athens barrel toward the heart of Greece in the king’s airship to find Hephaestus, god of the blacksmiths, in the hopes of repairing Icarus broken wings. But the skies above Greece have become a treacherous and pirates tail their every move. All the while the looming threat of King Minos and his Minotaur army hang over there head. Will they return in time to save Athens from total destruction? And will Icarus find his nerve to kill a man in time to defeat King Minos?

Find out in Part 3 of Clockwork Wings: the…

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