Users Book 3 (A Superhero Novel)

Users Book 3 (A Superhero Novel) is now available for pre-order on Amazon for only $0.99. Get yours now!


Cover Reveal Time!

It’s cover reveal time. Check out the cover of Users Book 3: All American Rejects.

Fans of Super Hero Fiction Facebook Group

I’ve created a fans of super hero fiction facebook group. You can post anything relating to super hero fiction, super heroes in general, and comics. If this sounds like your sort of thing, please join!

Here’s the link- Fan of Super Hero Fiction

Users Book 2: All American Rejects

Users Book 2: All American Rejects is now available on pre-order through

ON SALE FOR ONLY $0.99 FOR PRE-ORDER, REGULARLY $2.99. A new designer drug has hit the streets of Seattle. More deadly and more potent than even Carter, a lifetime drug user, has ever seen.

With the power to summon fire from within his own body, Carter hits the streets. Knocking down doors and punching out teeth with a fiery fist, he will stop at nothing to work his way to the top of the elusive drug ring, but this time he’s not alone. As part of his sobriety, Carter must work the steps, and it’s time for his biggest challenge yet, becoming a sponsor to a young User named Barber.

But will Carter live up to the challenge or will he fail to keep the young man in check? And will he stop the threat the new drug poses to the entire city? Find out in the second issue of Users.

Users Book 1: My Angels Have Demons

Artwork Users DINA3 Poster

My new book Users: My Angels Have Demons is now available on for only $0.99

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Users Cover

Users: An Anti Hero Novel is now available for pre-order for only $0.99

A pandemic is spreading through the streets of Seattle. Drugs run rampant through its population and no one knows this better than Carter, an ex heroin junkie, and lifetime User. Born with a super heated heart, Carter can unleash fire through his pores, igniting anything he touches.
After his girlfriend leaves him, Carter’s five years of sobriety is put to the test. After a drug deal gone bad, he finds himself in a pickle with the police. After telling a little white lie, that leaves him going head to head with one of the biggest drug cartels in the country, Carter must fight for his life. Will his powers be enough to save him? And will he maintain his sanity and sobriety?
Find out in this first issue of Users.

Get your copy on today.

The Users Cover Reveal

Users Cover

I’ve selected a winner for our up coming book “Users” and it was a tough decision, but the cover I chose is amazing. The Users is a anti-hero / super hero novel with a race of humans known as Users who have extraordinary abilities.  The main character Carter is an ex heroin junkie who has a few years of sobriety under his belt. After his girlfriend leaves him, he is thrown into a depression that has him on the edge of relapsing, but after a drug deal goes bad, and the cops kick in the door, Carter is thrust into a battle to take down one of the most powerful drug cartels in the country. Carter is a Scorcher, the nickname for Users with his unique power set, with a heart like a nuclear reactor and blood made of molten lava. He uses the fire within him to unleash an inferno upon his enemies, but will it be enough to stop the cartel, their legion of assassins, and the mysterious leader of the cartel a user named the Vampire?

Users will be available exclusively with in the month of October. Sign up for our mailing list to find out when this one of a kind book goes on sale.